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Frequently asked questions

As a frequent trader, seller and collector of these unique machines I often get questions on how my process and search works. Below you'll find an answer to those questions.

  • How much is my slot machine worth?
    Good question and I'm unable to answer this before I find out some more information. Show me some pictures, and send me your phone number. Here is what we need to find out… What type of machine do you have? What is the condition of the machine? Does your machine work? Is your machine all original? Where are you located? Etc. In today’s market the low end and high-end machines sell very well! I’m more than happy to get you a quote.
  • Are there many coin-op collectors around?
    No, coin-op machines are really a niche market. Most machines in the market are already owned by collectors, and if traded, they go from collector to collector. When you put a coin-op machine for sale on the internet, you will probably get a dozen or so reactions of dealers that will be low balling you. Believe me, if your machine is worthwhile, wait a few days, and you will get the right offer. Or you can always contact me of course. ;-)
  • Where can I visit a coin-op show in Europe?
    In Rosmalen/The Netherlands there is a fair.. the second sunday of May and the second weekend of October. This is the biggest fair in Europe with hundreds of jukeboxes, flippers and coin-op machines available. More info on the event can be found at
  • Do you have a shop?
    No, I am often on buying trips, so opening a shop makes no sense. However you are welcome to visit me by appointment in Limburg/Belgium.
  • Do you buy jukeboxes?
    No, I don’t.
  • I want to valuate my collection, but do not wish to sell, is this possible?"
    Yes of course and I can help you with that! Contact me for further details and conditions.
  • Any interesting links or recommendations?
    An excellent museum in Germany showing part of the Gauselmann collection which I enjoy very much. A guided tour is possible and they have a hotel on the premises. For more info see: The Museum in Cologne / Germany showing how chocolate is made, they have a collection of about 20 chocolate vending machines and chocolate related publicity. Definitely worth a visit! For more info see:

Have something for sale or up to trade?

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