Frequently asked questions

As a frequent trader, seller and collector of these unique machines I often get questions on how my process and search works. Below you'll find an answer to those questions.

How it works

Minimally invasive facelift procedure, using bio-absorbable threads (made from PCL, PDO or PLLA) to lift sagging facial tissues, restoring facial volume and contour. Threads are inserted through needle holes via cannula, pulling in the direction opposite of the droop, creating an instant lift.


Instant lifting and tightening of the facial area can be seen. Due to the bio-absorbable properties of the threads, stimulation of collagen production deep within the skin layer happens over time. Results can last from 6 to 36 months depending on thread material and other factors like metabolism, lifestyle and smoking.

What to expect

Prior to your first treatment, your doctor will consult with you to assess your skin condition and your suitability for ICONIC Face Thread Lift and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. Numbing of the insertion area is done prior to the procedure.


Natural face lifting effect, contouring V shape face and jaw slimming effect can be achieved with different vector pulling of the thread. The bio-absorbable properties of the threads results in constant stimulation of collagen deep within the skin and in the long run, can improve overall skin texture and elasticity even when threads are fully dissolved.


Mild swelling and/or bruising may be seen around the insertion area, of which will subside in the next few days.

Post treatment care

Daily hydrating and moisturizing, Sunscreen against UVA & UVB with SPF 50+ and above. Avoid swimming, sauna and any other activities that can expose the skin to high temperatures. Patient will be advised on post treatment care after the procedure.

Follow up

Patient will be advised to return for a follow up session 2-3 weeks post procedure. Combination treatment with ICONIC Collagen Thread lift and Fillers Liquid Facelift would provide optimal results.

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